Double distilling process, with
three Czech distillers using
one distilling plant at once .
Japan eat your heart out.

How 3 seperate distillers can double distill Slivovitz on
the same distilling plant at the same time

This may look complex but is not.

The first distiller's fermented plums are 'boiled' or distilled in First Boiler, to be then condensed in the First Condenser.
When done - the resulting distilled liquid ends up in First Distilled Container A.
At this point the First Boiler is emptied of the remains of the plums and a second distiller can proceed to get
his brew distilled - still going through the First Condenser but will end up in the First Distilled Container B.
Meanwhile, the first distiller's first time distilled liquid has been pumped into Second Boiler A from which it is distilled
and condensed via the Second Condenser A - and goes into Second Distilled Container A.
So when the first and second persons are distilling for the second time in the Second Boilerer A and Second Boiler B
a third distiller can already be distilling in First Boiler... and so on.

Slivovitz distilling diagram

If you're still confused, look at the above set up as one first distillery plant, (First Boiler, First Condenser)
which after the first boiling and distilling, splits up into two further distillery plants.
So everyone's fermented plums must pass through the First Boiler and First Condenser,
but will end up either in First Distilled Container A or in First Distilled Container B
And from there on follow into the respective Second Condenser and Second Distilled Container.

Example - our man Luda first boiled and distilled his brew in First Boiler and First Condenser, and his first distilled
results eneded up in First Distilled Container A. From here it was let into Second Boiler A for the second distilling,
then condensed via the Second Condenser A, and the final result ended up in Second Distilled Container A.
And then it was collected in a stainless steel container ready for fine-tuning with distilled water.

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